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Gracie Combatives Saved My Life

November 8, 2012

A powerful testimonial from a home-study student!

First, I want to say thank you for giving people like me the opportunity to learn Gracie Jiu Jitsu from home. My son, Tyler, was awarded a Gracie Bullyproof sponsorship about a year ago and I received the Gracie Combatives DVDs for Christmas last year. I have been studying the DVDs and teaching my son and daughter for about 7 months. Last weekend, I was assaulted at work by a co-worker. After an exchange of words, he rushed at me and threw a haymaker punch. I instinctively ducked under (Lesson 30) and established the clinch (Lesson 7). At that point, he pushed me back a few steps into a small utility closet and lowered his head into my chest. I locked a standing guillotine choke (Lesson 32) and held on. He outweighed me by at least 60 lbs and had me pressed into the wall. Somehow we slipped and he came down on top of me in a somewhat of a standing mount position, and at that point his head slipped out. I immediately put him in my guard and utilized the Punch Block Series, stages 3 and 4 (Lesson 8), until I was able to reverse him with the hook sweep (Lesson 28). I didn't follow up quickly enough, so he tackled me and landed back in my guard. I locked the guillotine again, and this time it was too tight. He raked and clawed at my face and eyes for all he was worth, but I closed my eyes tightly and avoided any serious damage. At this point I heard my boss yelling at me (apparently the other co-worker had went to get him), and I realized that the guy was out cold. Because I never threw a single punch I was not reprimanded in any way at my job. saved my life and my job. I am forever in your debt and honored to be blessed with the knowledge you have given me and my family. Thank you my brothers.

Joseph Drowns
Gracie Combatives Student

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