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Gracie Combatives - A Psychologist

September 2, 2009

Brent Myers is a psychologist and Gracie Combatives student in West Virginia, and we were honored when he sent in this thorough analysis of the Gracie Combatives DVD system:

"Only after I received my Gracie Combatives DVD set, did I realize how truly unique it is. Unlike other Jiu -Jitsu DVD's I had purchased in the past, the Gracie DVD's came with online support, a color-coded
poster outlining all the techniques, and a handbook that you use to track and monitor your progress.

The Gracie
Combatives DVD set supplies you with 36 clear, logical, and progressive
lessons that follow key elements of mastery learning theory. Those key
elements include 1) clearly specifying what is to be learned and how it
will be evaluated, 2) allowing students to learn at their own pace, 3)
allowing students to assess their progress and receive appropriate
feedback or remediation, and 4) providing a test for the final learning
criterion, which is the Blue Belt exam. In addition, there are other
learning activities incorporated in the DVD set such a Reflex
Development, and Fight Simulation Drills that help connect, reinforce,
and transfer the learning from the mat to the street.

The Gracie teaching style also matches the beliefs of mastery learning in that the Gracie
brothers take complete responsibility for your progress by
acknowledging that the blame for a student's failure rests with the
instruction - not the student's individual ability or lack thereof.

In closing, if I had to pick one thing that differentiates the Gracie Combatives DVD set from other Jiu -Jitsu DVD's it is how the Gracie's
have used learning theory and cutting edge technology to distill the 36
most important techniques from their vast system of self-defense. The
36 lessons are divided into "slices" or elementary operations of size
and length suitable for all students - no matter their background, age
or training experience. Students can advance at their own rate of
learning, and get feedback whenever necessary. The Gracie's have done their homework, and I give the Gracie Combatives DVD collection the highest recommendation!

C. Brent Myers, Ed.D
School Psychologist and student of Gracie Combatives"