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Gracie Bullyproof in Las Vegas Next Weekend

July 10, 2013

Let your son/daughter train with Rener Gracie July 19-20!

In 1988, Chuck Norris brought the Gracie Brothers to the US for a special GJJ seminar at the UFAF International Training Conference (watch the original video footage here). 25 years later, Chuck has invited Rener Gracie to the same conference to teach a Gracie Bullyproof camp to the youth participants. Although this is usually a closed event (open exclusively to UFAF members) the organization has agreed to let some outside participants attend the conference which takes place July 18-21 in Las Vegas, NV at the South Point Hotel.

If you are interested interested in having our son/daughter (ages 6-12) attend the event, you will get the following:

-Two-day Gracie Bullyproof Camp with Rener Gracie (July 19-20)
-A ticket to the UFAF Awards Dinner hosted by Chuck Norris on July 19th
-Enrollment in a youth jiu-jitsu competition at the conference on July 19th

Space is limited and the deadline to register is July 12. Since you would be registering as guest, you will need to use the coupon code: u2f0a1f3itc when you register online. For more information visit: