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Gracie Bullyproof DVD Review by a BJJ Blogger

September 6, 2012

Check out what "The Part Time Grappler" Had to Say

Liam Wandi, aka The Part Time Grappler, is a jiu-jitsu enthusiast who runs a popular BJJ blog. He recently posted a very thorough review of the Gracie Bullyproof DVD collection that we thought would be helpful for parents who were interested in introducing their children to jiu-jitsu the Gracie way.

Click here to check out the review.

Back-to-School Special: 20% Off Gracie Bullyproof DVD Collection
To make sure that your child goes back to school prepared to deal with bullies, we are offering a special 20% discount on the Gracie Bullyproof DVD collection. The offer ends September 16, at midnight, so don't wait.

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