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Gracie Breakdown: UFC on Fox 3

May 11, 2012

Diaz's Guillotine and Belcher's Leg Lock Escapes

In this episode, the Gracie Brothers break down the beautiful heel hook defensive strategies used by Alan Belcher to demoralize and defeat Rousimar Palhares, the feared leg lock specialist with 10 submission victories (6 by heel hook), and the slick "power guillotine" used by Nate Diaz to seal the deal against Jim Miller in the second round. They also reveal the winner of the Gracie Tactical Backpack / Acai Roots giveaway from last month, and they announce the next Gracie Giveaway! Please post this video in all the MMA forums you frequent so that we may continue to educate the haters and maybe even create a few new jiu-jitsu heads in the process!

New Video: Gracie Breakdown: UFC on Fox 3