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Gracie Breakdown: Rener's Favorite Recipes

January 22, 2014

Featuring Eve Gracie & Angela Gracie

Eve and Rener are engaged and set to be married in April this year. Eve's only concern is that she doesn't know how to cook! In this special edition Gracie Breakdown, Eve partners with Angela Gracie to learn how to prepare one of Rener's all-time favorite Gracie Diet meals pulled directly from Angela's new Gracie Diet Cookbook! To see how she does, check out the video, and whether you follow the Gracie Diet or not, you definitely want to give these recipes a try. They're extremely simple, and based on Rener's eager consumption...unbelievably delicious!

For the detailed breakdown of the meal featured in the video, as well as 87 other amazing Gracie Family recipes, check out the new cookbook available here: For a limited time you get a free Gracie Diet Magnetic Reference Chart with the purchase of this book!