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Gracie Breakdown: GSP Success Secrets Vol. 2

March 22, 2013

What makes GSP so "unsubmitable?"

The last time Georges St. Pierre submitted someone was over 5 years ago, and the last time he was submitted by his opponent was over 8 years ago. In this special edition Gracie Breakdown, Ryron and Rener explore the two most important GSP mysteries: 1) Why can't anyone finish GSP, and 2) Why can't GSP finish anyone? Using several examples from GSP's fight against Nick Diaz to illustrate their points, the Gracie Bros demonstrate the key combat principles that make GSP appear like such an "anti-submission" fighter. They also announce the winner of the 12-month Gracie University subscription, and then they introduce the next Gracie giveaway prize in "devastating fashion!"

New Video: Gracie Breakdown: GSP Success Secrets Vol. 2