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Grand Opening Week in Beverly Hills

April 27, 2012

Free Seminars for the Entire Family - Save Your Spot Today

Construction at the new Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Beverly Hills is finally wrapping up, and we're planning on having our "Grand Opening Week" within 4-6 weeks. During this special week, there will be free seminars all week long, so that men, women, and children, can try our beginner programs - Gracie Combatives, Women Empowered, and Gracie Bullyproof. No experience is necessary to participate, but due to limited mat space it is VERY important that you call in advance to save your spot in the free seminars.

The seminars will take place throughout the week as well as on the weekend. Here is one can expect to gain from these seminars.

Gracie Bullyproof Seminar: Kids between the ages of 5 and 12 will have a chance to enjoy a fun class in which they will learn five simple, non-violent self-defense techniques as well as the key verbal assertiveness strategies that can be used to defend against bullies. Class will end with some very fun games.

Women Empowered Seminar: This special women's seminar will provide participants with the six most important self-defense techniques as well as a profound insight into the psychology of an assaillant. Empowering is an understatement; this seminar will revolutionize your understanding of self-defense.

Gracie Combatives Seminar: If you've never trained in any martial art, then Gracie Combatives is for you. In this special seminar, you'll be introduced to four of the most important street self-defense techniques in all of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. The seminar will be conducted in a calm, cooperative manner so that anyone can learn and everyone has fun.

The exact dates for the Grand Opening Week, and the exact times of the free seminars, will be announce soon. If you'd like to take advantage of the free training opportunity to learn what the Gracie Academy is all about, please call 310-353-4100 or email us at and we'll save you a spot.