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Grand Master Tour a Huge Success

September 10, 2014

Three European countries completed & more to come!

Rorion has returned from his European seminar tour, and we've posted some of the feedback below. If you would like to host a seminar with Grand Master Rorion, please send an email to

The focus of my seminars is not to show new moves, but to make sure that every participant has a good understanding of the basics, which many people lack. Of course, once I get them on the mat, I also present the life-saving concepts of the Gracie Diet, which in my opinion, is more important than jiu-jitsu itself. I believe that any individual, who is willing to invest time and money to improve their skills in the art of combat, owes it to themselves to at least try the revolutionary food combination concept of the Gracie Diet. Not trying it is like saying "I don't need to know how to escape a headlock." In other words, you're limiting your possibilities. I can't emphasize enough that the reason for the Gracie family's success is not our jiu-jitsu; it's our diet. (

I want to thank or CTC representatives Fran, Ismail, and Bart for their warm welcome during our recent trip to Europe. Their schools were clean, professionally operated, and one could feel the positive vibes from their dedicated students. It is a testament to the fact that they are great ambassadors to the Gracie Legacy. I was honored to share the mat with all of you. Till next time.

Be healthy,


A few words from the seminar hosts/participants:

Rorion showed that timing and efficiency with good technique can make the basic of moves powerful. You think you have a technique learned then Grand Master Rorion strips it down and shows you it's weaknesses and strengths making you a better jiu-jitsu practitioner.

On a personal level the talk about the Gracie diet has changed the way my whole family sees food and I am truly grateful for that but what stood out the most from Rorion's visit was how comfortable I felt around him, it was as if I had always known him a sign of a humble man who I am proud to have met and call a friend.

-Fran Zuccala, Wolverhampton, UK

It was an indescribable feeling to train with Grand Master Rorion Gracie. He has shown us that we need technique and not power. "You have to defeat your opponent by your technique."

-Ismail Geyik, Kampfkunstschule Dusseldorf

Thanks Grand Master Rorion for an amazing and truly inspiring seminar. You took the dust off our existing jiu-jitsu techniques. We had a very important conversation about food and the relationship with our health and quality of life. Everybody enjoyed your fascinating life story. And on top of that, lots of laughs and big smiles during the day. Thank you for bringing jiu-jitsu to the world and good luck with you new mission!

-Bart Aarts, Breda, Holland