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Grand Master T-shirt 7 of 10: Tecnica

June 20, 2011

He Who Has the Most Wins

"Tecnica" (Portuguese for "Technique") was most definitely one of Grand Master Helio Gracie's all-time favorite words. Not only was his entire life dedicated to the development and refinement of techniques that would empower the weak against the strong, but he was always looking for ways to evolve the techniques in all areas of his life. From how he folded towels at the Academy to how he cooked his corn soup, the Grand Master always had a technique. Most importantly, however, was the fact that he never accepted any technique as final. He always accepted that with patience ("paciencia"), leverage ("alavanca"), discipline ("disciplina"), and efficiency ("eficiencia") could be optimized and the technique could be enhanced. For the Grand Master, "tecnica" wasn't a way of fighting, it was a way of life.

Note: We will be releasing a woman's version of this shirt in the near future: "Tecnica: She who has the most wins."

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