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Get Ready for Level 2 GST Cert

January 31, 2013

Don't miss the first-ever GST Level 2 Certification in 2 Weeks!

Since it's inception, over five thousand LEOs have been certified in the techniques of the Level 1 GST program. Based on reports submitted by the officers who have used these techniques, we have identified several very common threat scenarios that are not covered in the Level 1 GST course, and this is what inspired us to create Level 2.

With over 5,000 instructors certified since 1994, the time has come for a Level 2 Instructor Certification Course for military and law enforcement professionals. The first-ever GST Level 2 course will take place from February 18-22, 2013 at the Gracie Academy in Torrance, California. Here are some of the topics that will be covered during the Level 2 GST instructor course:

- Close Quarters Combat (Standing & Ground)
- Two Man Takedown / Handcuffing Procedure
- Edged Weapon Defense (Standing & Ground)
- Advanced Weapon Retention (Standing & Ground)
- Rear Attack Defenses (Standing)
- Advanced Gracie Teaching Methodologies

Who Qualifies to Attend?
In order to participate in the Level 2 course, you must have graduated from the GST Level 1 course in the past 24 months. Not only will Level 2 course completion certify participants as Level 2 GST Certified Instructors, but it will also serve as their Level 1 re-certification since all Level 1 techniques and teaching methodologies will be reviewed throughout the week in addition to all the new material.

The Level 2 GST course is filling up quickly. Reserve your spot today and join us in Torrance.

If you're a Law Enforcement Officer, but you haven't completed a Level 1 GST course yet, click here to check out our Level 1 Instructor Certification Course dates for 2013.