Gracie News

From Skeptic to Believer

November 10, 2009

Although we dedicate all our efforts to
sharing the art with the world, the effectiveness of our methods can
only be measured in the testimonials and test results of our students.
Here is a very powerful testimonial from Mark Tovar, a new member of
the Gracie University family.

"From skeptic to believer - I
never really understood why one would try to learn Martial Arts from
anything other than a traditional school setting. I always viewed books
and videos as simply a tool to enhance the practitioner's
education/training. I have had some outstanding instructors (and some
not so much). But as I look back to my first class 27 years ago to the
present, I have realized one thing that has frustrated me in
practically every school I have trained at. At one time or another,
during the course of training, I have had to unlearn something I
learned or practiced wrong. Either I had learned from someone other
than the head instructor/master/sifu/sensei, or the head instructor
simply had too many students and/or not enough time to have all
questions answered. Would I eventually learn it correctly?yes, but I
would not consider this the most efficient way of learning. I can
remember many times working on a technique and questioning myself, even
though it may be a very subtle mistake. Rener and Ryron, you guys have
provided what truly feels like private lessons. You are Pioneers, and
here are just a few reasons why: 1. Your attention to detail is
phenomenal. If my discipline is in place, when I have a question, I can
review the video or ask you guys via forum. I have never seen this
level of detail in ANY type of instructional video. I no longer have to
be concerned about my instructor's end of the bargain. 2. The quality
of instruction. I know I am learning from the Gracies. I am not
learning from Joe who learned from Bob who studied under Master ____. I
need not be concerned about anything I am learning being "watered
down". 3. Passion. The passion you guys have is contagious! I now find
it humorous when I see something stating that this is about money for
you guys. It is so obviously about your passion for GJJ. It makes me
want to work harder to achieve my GJJ goals. 4. Ease of Understanding.
You guys know all those "For Dummies" books? The format you guys
created makes those books seem confusing. Educational Universities
could take some lessons from you guys on your format for their own
on-line curriculum. From start to finish, although I may have
difficulty perfecting a techniqueit is never because I don't
understand what I should be doing. 5. Generosity. I am grateful you
guys and your family for making the best fighting system in the world
available to my family. You guys could charge an arm and a leg, but
then my children and I would not be able to learn GJJ. I am a blue
collar man with 4 children and counting, I truly want thank you guys.
6. Life Style. It is always refreshing to find new people I can point
to as examples for my children. People they can look up to. We are
currently researching the Gracie diet as well and look forward to the
coming information on it. I could say so much more but have already
written a book. I felt the need to let you guys know one skeptics
conversion story. Gracie University is done masterfully.

Mark Tovar"