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Free Women Empowered Seminars Next Weekend

January 15, 2013

No experience necessary - Save your spot today!

Time is running out to register for the free Women Empowered seminars in Torrance and Beverly Hills. The Torrance seminar takes place on Saturday, January 19th from 2-4pm, and the Beverly Hills seminar takes place on Sunday, January 20th from 10am-12pm. Click here to learn more and to save your spot today!

Too intimidated to participate? Need Motivation?
The women pictured below completed the Women Empowered program in 2012 and were awarded their Pink Belts at the winter Gracie Academy Belt Ceremony as a symbol of completion of this specialized Gracie program. All of these women were VERY intimidated by the thought of training jiu-jitsu and none of them had previous martial arts training, but after trying the free Women Empowered seminar, they fell in love and dedicated themselves whole-heartedly to the program. Not only did these ladies graduate from the women-only program, but they were so motivated after earning their pink belts that they all decided to continue training in the regular co-ed Gracie Combatives classes and are well on their way to earning their blue belts! In other words, if you don't think you can do it, you're wrong! Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is for everyone, and the Women Empowered program is the absolute best way to get started!