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Free GU Lesson-of-the-Month

July 1, 2016

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Each month we will unlock a free lesson in the Gracie University curriculum library for 30 days! No purchase is necessary, and you do not need a credit card to view the lesson. Simply log in to your Gracie University profile, and if you don't have one, click here to sign-up for free. Whatever you do, don't wait; log in now and study the Lesson-of-the-Month before it disappears!

This month's free lesson is Choke Extras (Lesson 7) from the Blue Belt Stripe 3 curriculum. The lesson features four "Technical Slices," as well as a lesson-specific "Rapid Mastery Drill" to help you develop muscle memory, as well as a specific "Focus Sparring" session to put it all together. At the end, Ryron and Rener share a "Mindset Minute" designed to summarize the most important details and concepts covered in the lesson. Listed below are the seven lesson components. To watch the free lesson, log on to Gracie University today, and be sure to tell a friend before it expires at the end of the month!

  • Nut-Cracker Choke
  • Sleeve Choke
  • Bow-and-Arrow Choke
  • Arm-wrap Cross Choke
  • Rapid Mastery Drill: Levels 1 and 2
  • Focus Sparring: Mount Sparring
  • Mindset Minute