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Finally Casual Gracie Street Shorts WITH Pockets!

December 4, 2013

Plus Batch 6 of the Gracie Emerson Knives!

For YEARS people have been asking for a pair of Gracie Shorts that have pockets, and they're finally here! Our classic Gracie Fight Shorts are for training, fighting, and surfing, but for everything else, the new Gracie Street Shorts are perfect! Constructed out of an ultra-comfortable 98% stretch polyester fabric, these shorts have two deep pockets for your street stuff (wallet, your phone, car keys, Gracie Emerson Folding Knife, etc). Whether you're lounging around the house, or heading to and from the academy, the new Gracie Street Shorts are exactly what you're looking for!

Batch 6 of the Gracie Emerson Knives Has Arrived
The new batch of Gracie Emerson Knives (101-125) has arrived, and they're expected to sell out fast due to the holiday rush, so don't wait. Click here to get to the Gracie Store today.