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Gracie News

FINALLY: A Wedding Ring You Can Roll With

April 23, 2015

Gracie-Approved Rings for Rolling and Gracie Trailer Hitch Covers

If you have an active lifestyle and don't like to take your ring off, you need to try the new Qalo rings! Made out of medical-grade silicone, these quality rings can be used during any combat sport or cross training without risk to you or your training partners. Qalo Rings are the only wedding rings that are authorized for use during classes at the Gracie Academy. They come in standard ring sizes and are available in men's and women's sizes. Click here for the sizing chart and additional details.

For those jiu-jitsu fanatics out there with trucks, we finally got the perfect accessory for your tow package. The new Gracie Hitch Cover slips into any standard tow hitch and stays in with clips. It is also easily removable if you are constantly towing things. Click here to grab one for your truck today!