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Finally A Gracie Diet Recipe Book!

January 15, 2014

Angela Gracie's Book Makes Gracie Diet Integration Easier than Ever!

Finally, a Gracie Diet Recipe book! Learn how to cook the foods you already know and love in accordance with the Gracie Diet! Over 200 pages with 90 easy-to-follow recipes specifically designed to make Gracie Diet integration easier and more delicious than ever!

"Learning the Gracie Diet is one thing, living the Gracie Diet is another. In this wonderful cookbook, my cousin Angela Gracie takes out all of the guesswork and makes it easier than ever to cook in accordance with the Gracie Diet. And the best part is, the food tastes amazing!"

-Rorion Gracie

Ever since the Gracie Diet was published in 2011, people have been asking for a recipe book that shows them how to cook in accordance with the Gracie Diet. Well, Angela Gracie has done just that! In this beautiful book, every single recipe is beautifully presented with simple step-by-step instructions including beautiful photos of the individual ingredients AND the final product so you know exactly what you're aiming for!

Book Details: 7"x10" 200 pages

Here are a few of the favorite Gracie Diet recipes in the book:
- Pastel de Forno (Rilion's Favorite)
- Chicken Pie (Royce's Favorite)
- Relson's Guacamole and Toast Specialty
- Salmon Pasta (Royler's Favorite)
- Corn Soup (Renzo's Favorite)
- Tuna Melt (Royce's Favorite)

Order Now and Get a Free Gracie Diet Refrigerator Chart!
To celebrate the release of this highly anticipated recipe book, we are offering a free Sandestin Luxury Beach ResortGracie Diet Magnetic Reference Chart with every book order! Any time you forget one of the Gracie Diet combination guidelines, simply check the chart and you're ready to go! To see more photos of the book or to order your copy today, visit