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Featured CTC: Vallo della Lucania, Italy

May 12, 2017

Gracie Game Parent's Day

April 1st, at our CTC at Vallo della Lucania (Italy), we had the first "Gracie Games Parent's Day" and it was fantastic!

It was a special class where all the Bullyproof parents were invited to participate with their kids.

Where did this idea come from?

In Italy (but I believe it happens in all the other countries where English is not the mother language) we learned that both the parents and kids don't utilize the Gracie Kids site as much and don't take advantage of this amazing tool offered to them as part of their membership at the CTC. Simply they are not able to comprehend the language. So I thought to invite them and use this class to demonstrate and teach them the first Gracie Games in a way to stimulate to play these games with their kids in their free time, and it worked very well.

The objectives were the following:

- Learning some of the Gracie Games to try at home.
Instead of letting them just watch a Bullyproof class (sometimes parents do not pay too much attention), I wanted to let them participate in, so they can experience what is being taught during their kid's class, and can personally understand why Gracie Bullyproof is such a special class.

- Cultivate and reinforce their bond with their kids; offering them a tool for having fun together, sharing one of their passions (better than playing video games).

- All of these objectives were brilliantly accomplished. Everyone had a great time and all the parents asked to repeat this experience as soon as possible or to make it as a regular class! I believe this is an excellent idea and I want to share it with my bro instructors all around the world. Fun Stuff!


During this festive time with all the parents I had the chance to recognize the important achievement of the first White-Yellow belt Bullyproof student in Italy!!!

Congratulations to Roco Maria Scarpa, who not only is the most consistent student but also showed how he matured and consistently improved, on his technique and but also as a person. Bravo!

And bravo to all you guys from the Gracie Academy and Gracie University for your support! Everyday I am more and more proud and motivated to share the BEAUTY of Gracie Jiu- Jitsu!

My regards to all of you bros.


Manlio Schiavo
Gracie CTC Vallo della Lucania

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