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Featured CTC: Redline Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

Feburary 15, 2012

Edmond, Oklahoma

"Redline jiu jitsu was recommended to us by a current Redline student and friend 3 1/2 years ago when our daughter showed interest in grappling during a self defense program she was enrolled in. We have never looked back. Ty abilities to communicate proper technique with patience to children and adults alike made our decision to come to Redline very easy. His uncanny ability to teach influenced our entire family of 4 to join and learn what he had to offer. Ty has created a gym at Redline with a family friendly atmosphere that we appreciate very much along with Jiu-Jitsu techniques handed down directly from the jiu jitsu 1st family, the Gracies. We love Redline and consider it our second home."


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