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Featured CTC of the Month: Champion Martial Arts

April 25, 2013

Located in Jacksonville, Florida

Here is a note from our friends Kim and Daryl Brown from our CTC in Jacksonville FL

Here's a quick update. We expanded!

We have been part of the Gracie family since November 2008. We started out subleasing some mat time in a martial arts studio, teaching the Gracie Combatives program to a handful of students. In September 2009 we moved into our own 3,600 sq ft. studio adding the Bullyproof program and a small personal training studio in the back corner of the school. We currently have over 100 students enrolled and have expanded to offer the Master Cycle & Women Empowered Programs. We are happy to announce we just expanded our school again to total of 4, 800 sq ft. We now have an 1100 sq ft personal training & boot camp studio and increased the mat an additional 750 sq ft. (2,500 sq ft of training mat).

We are thankful to be able to spread the knowledge of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and help people along their health & fitness journey.

Kim & Daryl Brown
Champion Martial Arts & Fitness
Jacksonville, Fl

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