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Featured CTC: Marple Martial Arts

August 20, 2012

Marple Martial Arts, is a certified Gracie Jiu Jitsu Training Centre in Marple, Stockport, UK. Located inside XXL Fitness Centre, this CTC which was established in January 2012 by Rob Dixon, an established Martial Arts instructor with 30 years Martial Arts experience.

"Around 2006 I began to develop a strong interest in ground fighting and grappling ,which had gained more popularity due to the explosion of Mixed Martial Arts. Although 25 years of Karate had taught me a wide variety of grappling and throwing techniques from a standing position, I suspected that if I ended up on the floor underneath an opponent who was bigger and heavier, I would struggle for survival,- a fact that was demonstrated during a Karate Jiyu Kumite (free fighting) session one evening, with one of my own students.

As my interest in ground fighting grew, I discovered Gracie University, and was blown away by the amazing structure of the Gracie Combatives curriculum. I began practicing the techniques with several training partners, and within a relatively short time (with many hours of regular and dedicated practice) I had achieved a competency on the ground that enabled me to defend myself against bigger, stronger and fully resisting opponents. Passing the blue belt test in September 2010, I enrolled in the Gracie Academy Instructors Certification Programme in October 2011, which culminated in me visiting Gracie academy Head Quarters in January 2012, to complete phase 3 of the Instructor Certification Programme.

Completing the Instructors course took my teaching skills to a whole new level, and enabled me to share the curriculum with our students in the most efficient manner. We aim to provide tuition in Gracie Jiu Jitsu to the exacting standards of The Gracie Academy, and ensure that all of our students experience the same level of tuition as they would do if they were attending Gracie Academy Head Quarters. All students receive high quality tuition in a safe, clean, friendly, and professional training environment. To date, we have produced two Blue belt students, who passed their tests with scores of 97 and 98 !

Since becomng a Certified Training Centre, the support from Gracie Academy Headquarters has been amazing. We are proud to be part of the Family ! "

-Rob Dixon

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