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Featured CTC: Eugene, Oregon

June 29, 2012

A word from Certified Instructor, Adam Roberts

I have been teaching/training martial arts for nearly 20 years. My goal from day one was to empower the youth of my community. When I read about the Gracie Bullyproof program I knew I had to add it to my school. After watching Rener and Ryron teach, I was blown away by their passion and connection with their students; it is what I strive for at my school. In addition to Gracie Bullyproof, I now teach the Gracie Combatives program and the feedback has been amazing. Finally, a jiu-jitsu program for everyone!

Of all the martial arts rankings, certificates, and milestones I have achieved over the years, nothing has compared to my time spent with the Gracie Family. Their professionalism, friendship and love are second to none.

I opened McKenzie Martial Arts two years ago and we have been voted the #1 Martial Arts School in Lane County each year. I am honored that we will be able to pass on the philosophy and teaching methods of Grand Master Helio throughout the community.

Adam Roberts
Head Instructor
Gracie Academy CTC - Eugene, Oregon

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