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Eve Gracie Takes The Lead On NBC

August 21, 2012

Catch Eve on 'Stars Earn Stripes' 9/8c Mondays on NBC

For those who caught the season premiere, you already know how real Eve kept it. Not only did she earn her first "stripe," but she did it in devastating fashion. Eve was partnered up with Nick Lachey, and together, they finished the first mission "Amphibious Assault" with the fastest overall time! As a result of their first-place finish, Eve and Nick had a chance to compete in a shootout against one another for Mission 2 immunity. Eve blasted both targets with two quick shots, securing her spot in Mission 3 all while earning $20,000 for the USO charity.

Check out the episode 2 reruns all week on NBC, and set your DVR for Monday night at 9/8c to catch episode 3 next week.