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Eddie Blacks Take on Gracie University

January 14, 2010

The following letter was submitted by a Gracie University skeptic.

"As a 53-year old business executive
with close to 30 years of experience with Isshinryu Karate, I didn't
discover jiu jitsu until just a few years ago. I began training in
Shingitai Jujitsu in 2006, which eventually led me to attend a 2-day
seminar with Royce Gracie. That first live exposure to a Gracie family
member and the art/science you created caused me to want to learn more
about your family and Gracie Jiu Jitsu. I bought The Gracie Way and The
Master Text, and also began monitoring the Gracie Academy website. I
was intrigued but cautious when you launched Gracie University. Years
of teaching and training in a karate dojo made me wonder just how
effective a DVD-based system could be. My curiosity won out, however,
so I ordered the Gracie Combatives series and started training at home
with my 23-year old son, a former collegiate athlete (runner) who had
never trained in any martial art. I was immediately impressed with the
training materials and the production values of the DVD, but most
importantly the quality of Ryron and Rener's instruction. As a former
corporate trainer, I know the challenges involved in teaching adults. I
can honestly say that the level of instruction (enthusiasm, sincerity,
mastery of the material, and ability to relate to the audience) far
exceeds anything I've ever seen. Congratulations to you both on a job
very well done. Finally, I'd like to thank you for providing a way for
my son and I to stay connected. We've always been close, but it's
sometimes difficult for adult parents and children to continue to
relate to each other. Our enthusiasm for our Gracie Jiu Jitsu training
provides a common interest for us. Knowing how close your immediate
family is, I know you can relate to what I'm saying. After nine months
of training and reviewing, we're now ready to start filming our Blue
Belt test videos. Thanks again for the opportunity and the honor of
being Gracie Academy members!

Eddie Black

Knoxville, Tennessee"