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CTC Street Fight in the United Kingdom

October 2, 2015

Awesome Work by Rob Dixon in Marple!

Here is feedback submitted by a student who only took SIX Gracie Combatives classes with Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Marple instructors, Rob Dixon and Richard Porter.

Hey Rob, had to get in touch and let you know of a little incident that happened yesterday. Some guys were outside our house causing some trouble, one thing led to another and they charged our gate, snapping it off it's hinges, throwing my mum and dad to the floor. Straight away, the stuff you and Richard had taught me kicked straight in; I went for the bigger guy, took him to the ground and got the mount on top. I held him there feeling him lose his energy and slowly worked my position. Before I knew it, the second guy jumped in and pulled me off him which spun us around giving him the top mount. I managed to reverse it again and get on top into a full mount, held a good base and as he tried to wiggle away, got his neck and had him in a rear naked choke. I then warned him I'd choke him out if he moved and he was to stay still until the police got there - which he did and the guy was tapping.

The police arrived and after explaining everything and them hearing from witnesses they said I handled the situation amazingly, showed great restraint and handled it in the best possible way. They were asking where I trained and couldn't believe I was only a white belt, as I stayed so calm throughout it all.

Considering I had 5 or 6 lessons with you guys and haven't been down for a while, it goes to show the stuff you guys teach works in real life situations! Wanted to say a big thanks as things could have gone way worse if I didn't know the stuff I learned from you guys. It's also made me realize I need to get my backside back down to training soon! Thanks again everyone at Marple Martial Arts - Gracie Jiu Jitsu

-Rob Graham

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