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CRAZY Abduction Attempt of 13-Year-Old Girl!

June 17, 2016

Special Gracie Breakdown Live From Women Empowered Class

Last week, Surveillance video cameras captured a crazy abduction attempt in a Dollar General store in Florida. The predator, Craig Bannello, grabbed the 13-year old girl by the arm and violently dragged her through the store until the mom bravely grabbed her daughter and thwarted the attack. In this special edition Gracie Breakdown, Rener and Eve share an innovative new technique specifically for the scenario of being dragged on the floor. The information in this video is CRITICAL for women and children, who are more likely to be targets of abduction/kidnapping attempts. Please share the video and help us reach those whose lives may depend on it. And if anyone has contact with the mother/daughter in the video, please have them contact the Gracie Academy so we can sponsor them to come to California for some training.

FREE Women's Self-Defense Seminar on Saturday, July 16th
In response to this incident, and last week's Uber incident, and to help expose as many women as possible to the benefits of learning self-defense, we are hosting a free Gracie Women Empowered seminar at several Certified Training Centers around the world. The seminars are specifically designed for first-time students with no previous experience.

Listed below are the specific cities where the seminars will be taking place on Saturday, July 16, 2016. Contact your local CTC directly to save your spot for the free seminar!

Gracie Academy HQ Seminar (Taught by Rener and Eve)
Date: Saturday, July 16 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Location: 3515 Artesia Blvd, Torrance, CA 90504
Attire: Casual workout attire.
RSVP: Call (310) 353-4100 or send an email to

Additional Seminar Locations:

Montgomery, AL
4315 Atlanta Highway
Phone: 334-277-5425

Granada Hills, CA
16909 Devonshire Street
Phone: 818-269-0122

Huntington Beach, CA
9887 Hamilton Avenue
Phone: 949-683-2908

La Jolla, CA
7598 Eads Ave
Phone: 858-454-5345

Palm Desert, CA
77799 Jackal Drive Ste B
Phone: 760-898-1322

Fort Collins, CO
5800 S. College Ave.
Phone: 970-267-0490

Wahiawa, HI
70 Kukui Street
Phone: 808-778-6160

Annapolis, MD
81C Forest Plaza
Phone: 410-268-1508

Tulsa, OK
8160 S. Harvard
Phone: 918-236-6212

Leesburg, VA
525 A East Market St.
Phone: 571-278-4122

Norfolk, VA
814 W. 45th St.
Phone: 757-621-8997

Williamsburg, VA
551-A Merrimac Trail
Phone: 757-253-2622

Issaquah, WA
1740 19th Ave NW, Ste. 4
Phone: 206-769-6274


Edmonton, Canada
5637 Riverbend Road Northwest
Phone: 587-336-7655

North Vancouver, Canada
250-5B East Esplanade
Phone: 604-729-7788