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Congratulations To The Summer 2016 ICP Class

August 2, 2016

Over 90 Instructors From Blue to Black Attended Last Week

With over 90 dedicated jiu-jitsu instructors in attendance, last weekend's ICP was a huge success! This was the second ICP since the Pedro Sauer Partnership was announced, and it was great to see even more Pedro Sauer affiliates in attendance. To see what they had to say about their experience, click here.

During this intense instructor training process, the candidates are given all the skills necessary to administer the proprietary Gracie Academy programs at their Certified Training Centers. At the end of the program, instructors are tested on all the critical teaching methodologies to ensure that they have what it takes to maintain the Gracie Academy quality standard. There is no shortage of eager students, only a shortage of certified instructors, and we're doing everything we can to solve the problem!

To learn more about becoming a Certified Instructor, click here.