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Gracie News

Congratulations to the ICP Class of 2015

Feburary 17, 2015

Over 25 New Instructors Join the Family!

Our semi-annual Gracie Academy Instructor Certification course was a great success! We had over 25 new instructor candidates from as far away as Italy, China, United Kingdom, and across the United States.

On day one, all candidates were tested on theirGracie Combativestechniques in front of Ryron and Rener. Day two consisted of 10 hours of instructor training and administration lectures as well as live demonstrations of the essential group class orchestration skills. On the final day, all instructor candidates were required to demonstrate all essential teaching methodologies in front of their peers.

Although several of the candidates intend to open brand-new CTCs, many of the participants were working towards becoming assistant instructors at existing CTCs, which is a great sign since it indicates that the CTCs are growing strong and need additional instructors to accommodate their growing student bases.

We want to congratulate and welcome our 4 newest Certified Training Centers:

John Ingallina in Victor, NY, USA
Noel Kauanui in Wahiawa, Hawaii, USA
Emiliano Cardona in Tampa, Florida, USA
Manlio Schiavo in Salermo, Italy!

Instructor Promotions
During the successful ICP weekend, we took the opportunity to recognize a few instructors with deserving promotions.

Congratulations to Steve Joncas from Sudbury, Ontario, Canadaon his brown belt promotion!

Congratulations to Marc Marins from North Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaNorth Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for his official Gracie Academy black belt promotion!