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Gracie News

Coming Soon - Ultra White Gi & Women

January 23, 2015

Plus, check out the Gracie Lifestyle Instagram Account to win a free gi

The Gracie Store will be releasing two new gis at 9am (PST) on January 31st, one for men and the first-ever women's cut gi. The men's Ultra White Gi features the same design as the Pearl Weave Series 2 but with white embroidery, and a tapered cut from top to bottom.

The Women's gi also features the design of the Pearl Weave Series 2 but with all purple embroidery. This is our first women's cut gi with wider hips, slimmer shoulders, tapered body and slimmer legs.

Win the Ultra White or Women's Cut Gi for FREE!
The Gracie Store has created an Instagram account to keep our fans updated on new items, share cool pictures featuring Gracie Gear, along with giveaways and contests! The first contest is now up and the prize is a new gi! Click here to visit the Instagram page and learn how to enter.