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CM Punk Goes Gracie

December 4, 2012

WWE Superstar Embraces the Gentle Art

For those who don't know, WWE Superstar, CM Punk, is a huge Gracie Jiu-Jitsu fan. He trains regularly with Rener, and this Monday, at a WWE Raw show in South Carolina, they got together to go over some of the Triple Threat Back Attack techniques. As you can see in the photo, both Rener and Punk are keeping it real in the Royal Gracie Fight Shorts and Rener is wearing the new Helio Knows t-shirt. If you read their t-shirts as one sentence from left to right, it makes for quite a legendary laugh!

If you haven't seen CM Punk's classic Gracie Breakdown episode of Royce's fight against Dan Severn, click here.

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