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Clean, Easily Transported, Protein Source!

January 11, 2012

As you know, we're on the road training all over the world and always focus on maintaining a proper diet while traveling. Sometimes that can be difficult. But with the proper technique, anything is possible. And for very natural, clean protein, you can't beat the all-natural Beef Jerky from Caveman Fuel.

The jerky comes from 100% grass fed beef (never confined to a feedlot or given unnecessary antibiotics) and flavored with only with a few organic seasonings. No sweeteners or anything artificial. They also make a coconut based coffee creamer, for you coffee drinkers out there who want to avoid dairy, and like the slight hint of tropicalness added to your coffee. Both are out of this world!

If your in to eating clean and you like Beef Jerky, you have to check out the products at