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Bring Your Parent To Practice Day

July 14, 2016

Great Way To Get Parents Involved In Children's Jiu-Jitsu Training

We recently held our very first "Bring Your Parent to Practice Day" at Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Wahiawa.

Kids were able to bring a parent, grandparent, or aunt/uncle to practice with them. We let the kids know that if they didn't have anyone to bring for any reason we would have other kids or coaches for them to partner with. The kids and parents partnered up for all warmups, drills and techniques. We took it pretty easy on the parents and changed the class around to work with different skill levels and how many people we had on the mat. Of course, we also had to play a game at the end!!

We had two goals in holding these special classes. First was for the kids to have a fun practice and get a chance to show their family members some of the cool techniques that they are learning on the mat.

Our second goal, and probably the bigger goal, was to show the parents just how hard their kids work on the mat. I think that every academy can relate to parents that like to sideline coach or hear a parent asking their kid why they didn't try harder when they are leaving at the end of class. Our hope was that once they participated in the class with their child, they would have a new appreciation for what their child does.

The event as a whole was a huge success! The kids and parents had a great time. We also had a lot of parents thank us for holding the event and a few even talked about trying out the Gracie Combatives class for themselves!

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