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Bonus Breakdown: Rener Gracie vs. Brown Belt

August 8, 2012

Now Available to Gracie University Subscribers

In this gi sparring session, you get to watch Rener Gracie roll with Alex Stuart. The session starts with Alex on Rener's back and you get to see how Rener escapes the triple threat. After a nice standing guard pass, Rener ends up side mounted on Alex. Rener spins for the arm and Alex uses impecable timing to block the incoming leg and transition into Rener's guard, but then Rener is able to go belly down on the arm and force the roll to get the finish. They have a few more starts from the back mount before Rener finds his way to his favorite side mount split control position and finishing with a quick Kimura from north-south. As always, the entire session is fully narrated. Beautiful.

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