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Bonus Breakdown: For Firearm Owners

November 21, 2013

Rener Fires a GLOCK While Holding the Barrel

In this impromptu Gracie Breakdown (shot with an iPhone 4 with terrible lighting), Rener shares a technique that was recently added to the GST (Gracie Survival Tactics) Instructor Certification Program for Law Enforcement Officers which enables the officer to retain control of their firearm in VERY close quarters deadly force situation against an actively aggressive suspect who is trying to disarm the officer. Special thanks to Craig Hanaumi and Don Gulla for sharing this technique with the Gracie Academy.

Over the last 18 years, Gracie Survival Tactics has become the most comprehensive and fastest growing defensive tactics program in the country. The techniques featured in this course have been adopted by virtually every Federal Law Enforcement Agency: FBI, Secret Service, DEA, CIA, Customs and Border Protection, among others, as well as countless state and local police departments. To see the full list of actively certified agencies, or to see a list of upcoming GST Instructor Certification Course dates, click here.