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Blue Belt Stripe 2 - Now Available

October 5, 2012

All Gracie University Students Can Access BBS2 Chapter 1 - Mount

It's official, the first chapter of the Blue Belt Stripe 2 (BBS2) curriculum is now available to all Gracie University students. Chapter 1 features eight lessons, all dedicated to mount mastery: control, escapes, submissions, and submission counters. Simply put, the objective of the BBS2 curriculum is to teach you the counters to the BBS1 techniques and the next layer of the most important and effective techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

To give you a taste of the BBS2 curriculum, we are releasing Slice 1 of Lesson 1 of Chapter 1 (Mount). It introduces you to the concept of the "Shadow Hooks," which are a highly effective method used by the Gracie Brothers use to prevent hook removal from the low mount control position. It's very important to note that this 19-minute video is only Slice 1 of lesson one! Meaning there are two other slices in this very same lesson (available exclusively through Gracie University) which provide even more critical details on the use of the Shadow Hooks! The reason Ryron and Rener spend so much time on a single slice is because they try to anticipate and answer the questions of the students BEFORE they have them, so that you can learn the techniques from anywhere in the world, including your own garage! The bottom line, in case you haven't heard, Gracie University lessons are the most in depth instructional videos available anywhere on the web, period.

To read more about all the lesson in Blue Belt Stripe 2, click here.

New Video: Shadow Hooks (Blue Belt Stripe 2, Lesson 1, Slice 1 of 3)