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Best Prank Ever: Bubba Gracie

June 20, 2011

Recently we started carrying a life-like grappling dummy, nicknamed "Bubba Gracie" for dedicated Gracie University students who live in the middle of nowhere but can't find a training partner. When the first prototype dummy arrived at the Academy, it looked so incredibly real that we had an idea for an ingenious prank. In this hilarious video, Rener and Brian "T-city" Ortega, from the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy, join forces with Bubba Gracie for the best prank ever conducted in Gracie Family history. Included on the list of people who got "punk'd" are the following:

- Rorion Gracie - The Grand Master
- Ryron Gracie - 5th Degree Black Belt
- Eve Gracie - WWE Diva and GJJ Blue Belt
- Mike Saffaie - Strongest Student at the Academy
- Billy Graziadei - Guitarist from world famous band "Biohazard"
- John Boyd - Black Belt Instructor, aka "Uncle John"
- along with several other students, and friends of the Gracie Academy!

You will not believe how funny their reactions are. Check out the video below and be sure to share it with your friends!

New Video: BEST PRANK EVER: Bubba Gracie