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BBS3 Chapter 7 - Now Available to GU Subscribers

Feburary 28, 2017

Final Piece Of The Blue Belt Stripe 3 Course Is Here

Lessons 47-60 of the Blue Belt Stripe 3 course are now available for Gracie University subscribers (Gold, Platinum, and VIP) and for purchase by Gracie Garage leaders. The lessons of the Standing chapter are broken down into four sections: Front Attack Defenses, Rear Attack Defenses, Weapon Defenses and Clinch/Takedowns. Here are the names of the lessons, click on the links below to learn more.

-Lesson 47: One-Handed Attacks
-Lesson 48: Two-Handed Collar Grabs
-Lesson 49: Headlock Defenses
-Lesson 50: Kick Defenses
-Lesson 51: Guillotine Defenses
-Lesson 52: Rear Grab Defenses
-Lesson 53: Rear Choke Defenses
-Lesson 54: Hostage Knife Defenses
-Lesson 55: Holstered Gun Defense
-Lesson 56: Hostage Gun Defense
-Lesson 57: Arm Drags
-Lesson 58: Throwing Techniques
-Lesson 59: Wall Takedowns
-Lesson 60: Wall Takedown Counters

As with all Gracie University lessons, each of the new Standing lessons feature 3-5 "Technical Slices" to help you learn the different variations of the techniques step-by-step. Each lesson also features a Rapid Mastery Drill (RMD), to help you sharpen your reflexes at progressively increasing intensity levels. At the end of each lesson, Ryron and Rener outline a specific focus sparring exercise you can use tie the new technique in with everything you've learned in the past.