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BBS2, Chapter 6 Unlocked for ALL GU Students

August 13, 2014

8 NEW Master Cycle Leg Lock Lessons Now Available!

Lessons 41-48 of the Blue Belt Stripe 2 course are now available for all Gracie University students. The lessons of the Leg Locks chapter are broken down into four sections: Straight Foot Locks, Toe Hold Foot Locks, Knee Locks and Heel Hooks. Here are the names of the lessons, click on the links below to learn more:

Lesson 41: Butterfly Guard Setup
Lesson 42: Standing Counter
Lesson 43: Diving Toe Hold
Lesson 44: Diving Toe Hold Counters
Lesson 45: Reverse Cross Chest (RCC) Knee Lock
Lesson 46: RCC Knee Lock Counter
Lesson 47: Inverted Heel Hook
Lesson 48: Inverted Heel Hook Counters

As with all Gracie University lessons, each of the new Leg Lock lessons features 3-5 "Technical Slices" to help you learn the different variations of the techniques step-by-step. Each lesson also features a Rapid Mastery Drill (RMD), to help you sharpen your reflexes at progressively increasing intensity levels. At the end of each lesson, Ryron and Rener outline a specific focus sparring exercise you can use to tie the new techniques in with everything you've learned in the past.

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