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Austin McDaniel Joins the Family

June 14, 2013

After 1 week of intensive training, he's ready to fight fire with water.

Many of you may remember the Gracie video: How to Bullyproof a Nation in which Rener discusses an aggravated bullying assault that took place in Indiana approximately 6 months ago. The boy who was assaulted in the video is named Austin McDaniel. After seeing the footage of the assault, Ryron and Rener reached out to Austin and his family and offered to sponsor their trip to California for one week of intensive Gracie Bullyproof training.

We're very happy to announce that the McDaniel's took them up on the offer and last week they flew out to California for the training. After over 20 hours of private and group training in verbal, physical, and psychological self-defense techniques, Austin left the Academy with soaring confidence. The best part was that his parents also engaged in the training so that they could open a Gracie Garage and continue training together upon their return to Indiana!

When asked about the most important principle he learned during the week, Austin replied, "If I manage the distance, I manage the damage."

Video of Austin's trip to Torrance will be available soon.

Here is a picture of Austin with some Gracie Academy students you might recognize.