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Attempted Rape Foiled by Good Samaritans (Video)

June 13, 2012

Shocking assault takes place in broad daylight near popular hiking path

Hikers near Runyon Canyon lept into action Saturday morning, June 2, when they saw a woman being attacked on Fuller Avenue. The unidentified woman was walking her dog south of the park when suspect Dejan Sebastian, 21, pushed her onto the ground.

Bryce Bonn who saw the whole thing from his apartment, told ABC 7, "He grabbed her and sort of threw her to the ground and then tried to actually take off her pants."

Good Samaritans heard the screams and ran toward the scene, pulling the suspect off the woman and pinning him down until police came. Sebastian, 21, now faces a felony charge of assault with intent to commit rape, reports ABC 7. He's being held on $100,000 bail.

Runyon Canyon is a popular trail in the Hollywood Hills area. Hikers flock to the path for its steep climb and pet owners love it because dogs can go off-leash at the park. The trail is usually crowded, especially on the weekends, which is why many hikers and exercisers were surprised that the assault would take place in broad daylight.

Hiker Jolene Sanchez told CBS2/KCAL9, "It definitely concerns me. You would think with the number of people here, you wouldn't have to deal with something like that. (Source: Huffington Post).

New Video: Attempted Rape Foiled by Good Samaritans