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Athletic Body Care - Self-defense for Staph and Ri

December 23, 2009

Just recently the Academy found a company
with a complete line of skin care products to protect students from
harmful skin infections that can put them out for weeks. Athletic Body
Care is now an official sponsor of the Gracie Academy. Here are the
four A.B.C. products that we provide to our students and the ones we
recommend to any students/schools/Gracie Garages.

Foaming Skin Sanitizer
- An effective and easy way to help
prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, fungus and infection - it even
kills MRSA and fungus in 15 seconds and stays active for one hour after
application. It's essentially the king of all instant sanitizers. (if
you have to choose one product this is the one).

Power Body Wash - Designed to protect, soothe and tone your skin, leaving your skin comfortably soft, moisturized and protected.

Daily Defense Lotion - It is expressly formulated to promote healthy, intact skin.

Performance Pain Relief Cream - Patented antimicrobial
technology and the pain relieving properties of menthol for an
unrivaled topical pain relief application. Extremely effective on joint

Click Here to purchase Athletic Body Care skin protection items.