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Amazing Article in BJJ Style Magazine

August 30, 2013

Rener breaks it down from the early days!

You're 29, so weren't yet born when your father started teaching here in 1978, but I was wondering, what are your earliest memories of jiu jitsu in Torrance?
I was born in the Gracie Garage days. That's when it all began, man. So what were my earliest memories? Well shoot, being a kid who could walk and just waddle in from the house into the garage, while people were just training all day, every day. 10 hours, private classes. So I would just be around it my whole life. There is no memory without jiu jitsu in the garage.

And do you remember what it was like when it became a more formal Academy?
Yeah, in 1989, I remember the academy opening on Carson Street, about 4 miles away from here, which was the original spot. 1989 is when it really went down, it was a big exciting thing. I was seven years old, we had an academy now, my uncles were teaching there, Royce, Rickson and Royler. All these guys were here helping with the teaching and the school was on