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ALAVANCA Contest Winners

March 25, 2016

16 Winners From 16 Different BJJ Affiliations

On March 4th, we released the Alavanca t-shirt to unite jiu-jitsu practitioners around the world! On March 5th, jiu-jitsu won on the highest level with perfectly applied RNCs by Nate Diaz and Miesha Tate. For a brief period, BJJ politics were non-existent, we were JIU-JITSUNITED! The Gracie Breakdown has been viewed over 375,000 times, and as promised, we have selected 16 practitioners from 16 different jiu-jitsu affiliations to receive the Alavanca t-shirt (or hoodie) for free! The winners are listed below, and the logos of their affiliations are represented in the attached Alavanca image.

1. Jim Jacenko (Purple Belt, Pedro Sauer)
2. Steve Sweeps (Blue Belt, Art of Jiu-jitsu)
3. Tyler Rentz (White Belt, 10th Planet)
4. Jacobson Augustus (White Belt, Gracie Barra)
5. Keith Bryant (Purple Belt, Machado)
6. Lei Ding (Blue Belt, American Top Team)
7. Robert Gallegos (Purple Belt, Gracie Humaita)
8. Gregory Greg (White Belt, Checkmat)
9. Franklin Rhemrev (White Belt, Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu)
10. Anthony Mazzarella (Blue Belt, Renzo Gracie)
11. Armand Violi (Blue Belt, Brazilian Top Team)
12. Preston Roehrs (Blue belt, Gracie Academy)
13. Curt Oishi (Blue Belt, Nova Uniao)
14. Ted Manasa (White Belt, Paragon)
15. Brian Roy (Blue Belt, Alliance)
16. Sarjan Narwan (White Belt, Roger Gracie)

Be loyal to your instructor and cherish your lineage, but always remember that, politics aside, we are all team jiu-jitsu.