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Gracie News

7th Annual Healthy Halloween Drive

October 30, 2015

Free Autographed Sub Series Poster for Disciplined & Healthy Kids

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu isn't about fighting, it's about life. At the Gracie Academy, we are very committed to teaching the principles of discipline and healthy living to our students, especially the kids. A few years back, we started a Healthy Halloween Drive and it was such a success that we're doing it again this year!

The way it works is, kids go trick-or-treating as usual and collect as much candy as they can. When they get home, they are allowed to pick up to five pieces of candy to keep/eat, but the rest has to be turned in to the Gracie Academy the next time they go to class. Any child (student or not) who turns in their candy will get a free autographed Submission Series poster as a reward for their exceptional display of discipline and will-power!

Parents, although you aren't allowed to get a free poster :) we do recommend you use this as an opportunity to speak to your children about the importance of making healthy choices even when they are surrounded by unhealthy treats! And if you live too far from the Gracie Academy for your child to turn in their candy, we recommend you offer them the same deal and think of some other reward you can give them for their display of willpower (maybe a Gracie t-shirt of their choice from our online store, hint, hint)!