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4 New Products from Athletic Body Care

March 12, 2010

Academy sponsor, Athletic Body Care, recently expanded their product
line to help keep Gracie Jiu-Jitsu practitioners on the mats.

Exfoliating Body Wipes
- For wiping down immediately after training or competition, before an
athlete can get to the shower, for immediate prevention of infection
and overall skin refreshment. At 10"x12", these large, durable wipes
remove grime, sweat, odor and dead skin. The wipes carry the same
triple-action patented antimicrobial formula as the Foaming Skin
Sanitizer, to kill 99% of all harmful germs, protecting skin for one
hour or longer.

Sports Body Powder
- Designed to apply where body heat and moisture build up - especially
foot and jock areas. Its triple action matrix combines medically proven
ingredients with fine powder to absorb excess moisture, stop itch,
reduce friction, prevent chafing and infection, kill germs and remove
odor. Provides deodorant protection and a cool, refreshing feeling
while soothing skin. For use after shower or exercise.

Anti-Fungal Treatment
- This topical gel is medical-strength but available over the counter,
with the patented penetrating delivery system, to provide maximum
fungus killing power. Works underneath the dermal layer to provide fast
and effective treatment, usually in seven days or less. Cures most
athlete's foot, jock itch and ringworm, and relieves the itching,
burning, cracking, and scaling of these conditions.

Therapeutic Muscle Soak
- Enhanced with electrolytes it reduces muscle fatigue and soreness.
Helps speed recovery from training and workouts. Combats the effects of
overtraining. Stumulates circulation detoxifies and keeps skin soft

To see a list of all products from Athletic Body Care: Click to visit the Health and Hygine section of the Gracie Store