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3 New Gracie Philosophy Videos - Now Available

July 20, 2012

Free for all Gracie University Students

On your path to Gracie Jiu-Jitsu mastery, having the right philosophy is just as important, if not more important than having the right technique. We created the Gracie Philosophy online video course through Gracie University to make sure that students all over the world could get the most complete Gracie Academy learning experience possible. When we launched GU, we decided to make the Gracie Philosophy video library 100% free since we knew that no dedicated student of the art could afford to embark on the journey to black belt without the ideas featured in these videos. We recently added three entirely new Gracie Philosophy videos to the GU curriculum, bringing the total number of Gracie Philosophy videos to 11.

1. NEW - Critical Conviction: What's the most common mistake on all blue belt tests?
2. NEW - The Survival Mindset: How did one sentence from GM Helio change Ryron's life?
3. NEW - Jiu-Jitsu Health: How can you cut the time to black belt in half?
4. Street Jiu-Jitsu vs. Sport Jiu-Jitsu: How street ready are you?
5. Gi or No-gi: Which one is better?
6. Egoless Sparring: What makes it so important and why is it so neglected?
7. Powerful Principles: Are you a student of techniques or a student of principles?
8. The Path to Black Belt: What is the best mindset to have along the way?
9. The Striking Truth: Do I need to learn a striking art to compliment my jiu-jitsu?
10. Energy Efficiency: Grand Master Helio, how did you defeat those giants?
11. Total Control: How does Gracie Jiu-Jitsu make you a better person?

New Philisophy Videos

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