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2nd Annual Gracie Bullyproof Summer Camp

December 5, 2011

July 30 thru August 5, 2012 - Register Early

We were going to wait until 2012 to announce the next Gracie Bullyproof Summer Camp, but we've received so many requests from families around the country that we decided to open enrollment early. If you missed it last year, you will NOT want to miss it this year. This camp will sell out, so register early.

To read the touching story from about the bullying victim who was transformed at last year's Gracie Bullyproof Summer Camp, click here.

To watch a video in which Rener discusses the secret to the success to the Gracie Bullyproof program, click here.

Unshakable Confidence with Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
During the camp, we will divide all the kids by age and experience level, and we will conduct multiple simultaneous seminars for each group to ensure that all kids are getting the best possible training. There will be several certified instructors overseeing each group so that all children will get hands-on instruction and instant feedback on their progress. Regardless of age or experience level, the camp will be fun and engaging for all!

Verbal Self-defense Training
Not every child will get in a fistfight in their life, but at one point or another, every child will be the target of verbal harassment. Although difficult to detect, verbal bullying is far more common and, in many cases, more damaging than physical harassment. And the worst part is that the harassment often comes from their so-called "friends." To ensure your child is ready for this inevitable reality, a large portion of the camp is dedicated to teaching your child how to use time-tested verbal assertiveness strategies to defeat bullies with words.

Fun and Fitness for All Ages
Most kids don't like to "work out," but every kid likes to have fun. Every day we will pay tons of games conduct a series of "animal exercise" routines designed to give your child a full-body workout while teaching them that fitness can be fun!

Character Development & Drug Defense
To ensure that your child experiences the most powerful transformation possible, spend a significant amount of time discussing critical topics such as drug defense, child abduction prevention, and character development. Our hope is that by earning your child's respect and admiration, we can form a unique bond that will help us ensure that your child is ready for life beyond the playground.

Gracie Academy Sleepover
On Saturday night, August 4, drop your child off at 8pm, and then pick them up at 8am on Sunday morning! We'll play some games, tell some jiu-jitsu stories and sleep on the big green mat! Make sure they have a sleeping bag and a pillow. Although not mandatory, parents are welcome to stay the night as well. Dinner included.

Free Gracie T-Shirt
If you pre-register before May 31, 2012, you're child will receive a free Gracie t-shirt along with their Gracie Bullyproof Certificate of Completion at graduation!

Space is VERY limited - Save your spot today!
Mat space is limited and this year's camp will sell out just like last years. To guarantee your child's spot, register today! Click here to learn more.

Gracie Bullyproof Summer Camp - August 2011