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2016 Law Enforcement Course Dates Announced

October 30, 2015

Plus, Many More Locations in the Works!

2015 was another good year for the Gracie Survival Tactics program. We taught over 500 officers again, in addition to hundreds of agencies, from large metropolitan cities to small towns. On top of the large amount of officers certified, we had the GST Course legally and medically reviewed by multiple professionals to ensure it's safe use by officers around the country.

Below are the confirmed course dates for 2016, along with a few cities that are in the works. As an incentive to help convince agency administrators, if officers pre-register for a course 45 days in advance, they will receive a 10% discount on training. And, if you are interested in hosting a GST course in your city, email to learn about how your in-house DT instructors can attend for free.

Level 1 Course Dates
Torrance, CA - March 16-20
Montgomery County, MD - May 2-6
Des Moines, WA - June 6-10
Arlington, TX - August 15-19
Ft. Benning, GA - August 29 - September 2
Torrance, CA - September 19-23
Livingston County, MI - October 31-4

Level 2 Course Dates
Torrance, CA - February 22-26
Arlington, TX - November 7-11

Tentative Level 1 Course Date
Monticello, IL - March 21-25