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20 Percent Off Gracie Garage Grappling Mats

April 5, 2016

Pre-order Today and Save 20%

The official Gracie Garage Grappling Mats are currently sold out. We estimate that they will be back in May, and if you pre-order now, you'll qualify for a special 20% discount off the regular price. When the mats arrive, your order will be processed and shipped before all the rest. Trust us, don't wait because the last batch sold out before they started shipping!

Check out this recent customer review on the new upgraded mats:

Worth EVERY Penny!!
These mats are exactly what they claim to be. They are thicker, tougher, bigger than most, and more competitively priced than any other mats I have used in the past! I've had multiple knee surgeries, and I'm a big guy (260lbs). These mats soften impact when rolling very well and my knees last an entire training session without any issues. The new locking system keeps the mats together so well no one who has rolled on them with me has had any idea they separate! They are fairly light-weight and easy to clean, store, and transport. If you are interested in getting a Gracie Garage going, these are the mats for you!!