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20 Kids Bullyproofed w/ Help of Sponsors

October 31, 2011

Two months ago, we introduced the Gracie Bullyproof Sponsorship program and thanks to the generous donations of 10 people, we've been able to Bullyproof 20 underprivileged kids! The way it works is when a child in a low income family is being targeted by a bully, the parents of the children can submit an application for a Gracie Bullyproof Scholarship. Assuming the family qualifies for the scholarship, we pair that child up with a sponsor who will donate the funds necessary for them to go through the Gracie Bullyproof program. Thanks to everyone who has donated thus far, together we're saving lives.

Special thanks to the following sponsors:

Gary Moon
Brian Tate
Brian Altstatt
Brian Murphy
Jan Miernyk
James Rhemer
Marty Jennings
Russel Simmons
Lester Reyes
Jessica Kussman

Thanks to their generous donations, the following kids have been able to access the Gracie Bullyproof program and begin the journey to total empowerment.

Brent B. (13) in Seymour, Tennessee
Riley W. (11) in Conroe, Texas
Erik W. (9) in Yuma, Arizona
Isabella V. (9) in Silvis, Illinois
Adam C. (13) in Littlefork, Minnesota
Samuel C. (11) in Columbus, Ohio
Austin P. (10) in Union City, Tennessee
Matthew H. (10) in Douglasville, Florida
Louis K. (12) in Lafayette, California
Jack C. (11) in Austin, Texas
Giovanni G. (10) in Valrico, Florida
Ethan R. (8) in Jacksonville, Florida
Colin C. (11) in Scranton, Pennsylvania
Keith K. (14) in Vidalia, Georgia
John L. (9) in Seong-Nam, South Korea
Tre F. (7) in Canton, Ohio
Maranda C. (12) in Aurora, Colorado

To learn more about sponsoring a bullying victim, click here.

If your child is being bullied and you would like to submit the Gracie Bullyproof Scholarship Application, click here.